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 I help women who are frustrated with themselves and confused by all the health and weight loss information to go from lacking confidence, overwhelm and being consumed by diets and scales to understanding their bodies, improving strength, energy levels, will-power, acceptance and self-love.

By identifying the six areas of wellbeing we connect the dots between their lifestyle habits and results.

Nothing lights me up more than seeing my clients taking control of their wellbeing, bodies and their new found confidence in life"

What My Clients Have to Say

  • Loved being part of Tania's group training. Each session was never the same, I don't know how she did it. While getting fitter and stronger we also had a laugh. Having someone there to show me how to correctly use the weights and push me harder and harder for me was so important. I met a fabulous group of ladies in the process. I cannot recommend Tania Smith enough, she is professional and knows her stuff.

    Jo Milne Jo Milne
  • Who would have thought that I would become one of those fitness enthusiasts? This was never my thing, until I met Tanya. Through gentle prodding and vigorous encouragement, she has challenged me to things I never thought possible. Weight lifting? Never. Oh, well, maybe, just a little bit. Hey, that wasn't so bad ... Yes, I love it! Can we go with something heavier? And so it has gone for more than two years now. Thanks to Tanya's focus and humour, I have met challenges head-on (ok, maybe just a little bit of whimpering) and kept coming back for more.

    Theresa Yaroshevich Theresa Yaroshevich
  • Tania is one of the best trainer's I've ever engaged on my fitness journey over the year's. She's motivational and caring and I've never been fitter or stronger than when I trained with her. She will help you achieve your goals and will work hard for you if you put in the hard work yourself. Vx

    Vanya Headford Vanya Headford
  • Heres what Sarah had to say about the Fit for Freedom 10 Week Program

    My biggest breakthrough is just starting, doing the first week and getting underway, once you get into the habit it is just part of what you do.

    The thing I love most about the programme is that I can do it at home and with the minimum of equipment, only needed to by the stretchy band on Trade me for $17 or so.  Great to use what you already have – stairs at home and the veranda as part of the workout.  Certainly the best bit is not having to drive for 15mins to get to the gym.

    Definitely do it, the programme can be tailored to all levels and having a group of us doing it has been great we all have days we are more on form than others and having a bit of banter is good.

    Embrace to workout from home programme, I do lots of working from home and we call it Better ways of Working – BWOW, I would call this programme Better ways of Working Out – BWOWO

    Crank it up when you feel up for it, slow it slightly if you need to, make it work for you, but get the workouts done

    Sarah Parsons Sarah Parsons
  • We asked Charlotte a few questions about doing the program and this is what she had to say... What was the biggest breakthrough you got from doing the Fit For Freedom 10 week program? Realizing that you can have balance! That you do not have to completely go with out to be successful, it’s the small changes that count the most. What did you love most about doing the program? Freedom – they were short and sharp that could be (mostly) completed anywhere at any time. Tania and her support is incredible. She is realistic in knowing that life happens but also constantly encourages change What would you say to someone thinking about doing the Fit For Freedom 10 week program? If you seriously want freedom, do it! What are 3 words or phrases you’d use to describe the Fit For Freedom program? Convenient. Challenging. Fun!
    Charlotte Carpenter Charlotte Carpenter
  • I started working with Tania a little over three months ago after more then a six break. The results I have achieved in this short amount of time have been amazing without having to drastically change what I eat. The one thing that stands out about how Tania trains you is that she tailor makes your work out for you.  My body has never been more challenged, my stress levels so low and just a great sense of achievement at having done something for myself constantly.
    My advise for anyone thinking of getting into shape with Tania is just get up and do it! She will be there to talk, stretch,motivate,count and laugh you thru it. (Decemeber 2016)
    Nicole Sangiorgio Nicole Sangiorgio