Hey there! So glad you stopped in! I'm Tania and I help woman who are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, unfulfilled, lost, needing direction or lacking confidence and self belief. I help woman gain clarity, set goals that light a fire within them, overcome overwhelm and take action towards living a life that they love, and love for who they are.

I am your sounding board, your cheer leader, your support and your guide through the process of discovery. 


So how did I get here....

Well if you've had a look around already you'll see I also help woman with there health and fitness goals, this is because I was a personal trainer for 12 years. And that's how I ended up as a Life Coach. You see, the majority of the female clients I have trained over the years came to me to loose weight, or get fit or toned. The reality was, there was so much more to their health and fitness journey then just exercising and eating less. There was always more to it, and there was always 'life' that effected their results. So when I moved away from my home town, to Picton, in Marlborough New Zealand I had the opportunity to up skill, and the Diploma in Professional Coaching was the perfect thing!

I bring energy, passion, motivation and encouragement from years of helping woman be the best version of themselves to my coaching and the love for what I do.

Although I am no longer working as a one on one personal trainer, I have bought together the best of my knowledge, skills and resources into my Fit For Freedom online personal training program to provide access and educate everyday woman. I've done this because I still see the value health and fitness as a component of every woman's well being.

"Nothing lights me up more than seeing my clients taking control of their well being, bodies and their new found confidence in life"

Qualifications and Experience

Diploma in Professional Coaching - May 2019

Female Health and Performance Coach Certification  – 2017
Online training program delivered by Nardia Norman (Australian Personal Trainer of the Year 2014) to safely and effectively personal train females 40+

MenoFitness – 2016
Upskill course focusing on effectively training the 40+ menopausal clients effectively and safely.

Exercise Association of New Zealand

Stress Management Program September 2014 – 2016
Certified and endorsed to provide work place stress management programs through exercise prescription.

REPs Registered Personal Trainer – 2011 to 2016
Ensuring standards of the New Zealand Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs)

FitEx – 2012
New Zealand’s largest fitness and exercise conference, attending a full weekend of seminars and programs to upskill in business and latest fitness based science.

International Kettle Bell and Fitness Federation 2012

Steve Cotter Kettle Bell Workshop – Level One.

Steiner Training Academy – United Kingdom 2008
3 week boot camp which included training in Teaching Yoga, Pilates and Indoor Cycling classes.

Les Mills World of Fitness 2008

Les Mills Body Trainer Course
Les Mills Body Revolution Course
Les Mills Body Core Course

Auckland University of Technology:
2008   Certificate in Exercise to Music
2005 – 2007 Certificate in Personal Training and Certificate in Fitness Instructing.