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Creating long term and sustainable changes so you can Improve your health, your body, your confidence and your life, will be the best thing you can do for you self! The Fit for Freedom 10 week program will show you how to do just that!

When you are fit, and you make subtle but long lasting changes to your health, you set your self up for being the best version of you. No more jumping on and off the friggen diet and weight loss band wagon! Because life is to short to be missing out on all the good stuff!

Getting Fit isn't just about feeling better or improving your overall health. When you get fit there are so many benefits that flow to every area in your life.


Take the guess work out of your training programs!

Each week you will be given access to 3 x different exercise programs which can be done at home, with only one piece of equipment** needed. The programs have been designed by a personal trainer, with emphasis on progression for various abilities. Simple technique videos to ensure you are doing things correctly (as If i was there with you). And variety! You will get to experience what it would be like if we were training together every session!

Imperfect Action and Education

Consistency and imperfect action is how this program is going to work when tackling areas such as exercise, nutrition, mindset, and daily habits. This program is also going to educate you so you know what you are doing and why - in an easy to understand way 😉 Ever heard the saying "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime"? This program will teach you skills for a life time, I promise!


We are a funny bunch us humans! One thing clients always say to me, If i didn't have you checking on me I would have given up on myself by now. This component of the program is going to keep you on track. Each Monday you will set your intention for the week, and at then end of the week you will complete your weekly review of your progress giving you support, encouragement and accountability.

When you join up today, you get instant access to your membership log in, so you can look through the resources, get yourself familiar and prepared for the first week, which starts the first Monday after you join.



10 Weekly Payments

Just $26 


One Off Investment

Just $247

Here's what previous members have to say

  • Heres what Sarah had to say about the Fit for Freedom 10 Week Program

    The thing I love most about the programme is that I can do it at home and with the minimum of equipment, only needed to by the stretchy band on Trade me for $17 or so.  Great to use what you already have – stairs at home and the veranda as part of the workout.  Crank it up when you feel up for it, slow it slightly if you need to, make it work for you, but get the workouts done. Certainly the best bit is not having to drive for 15mins to get to the gym.

    Definitely do it, the programme can be tailored to all levels and having a group of us doing it has been great we all have days we are more on form than others and having a bit of banter is good.

    Embrace to workout from home programme, I do lots of working from home and we call it Better ways of Working – BWOW, I would call this programme Better ways of Working Out – BWOWO

    Sarah Parsons Sarah Parsons
  • We asked Charlotte a few questions about doing the program and this is what she had to say... What was the biggest breakthrough you got from doing the Fit For Freedom 10 week program? Realizing that you can have balance! That you do not have to completely go with out to be successful, it’s the small changes that count the most.  What did you love most about doing the program? Freedom – they were short and sharp that could be (mostly) completed anywhere at any time. Tania and her support is incredible. She is realistic in knowing that life happens but also constantly encourages change What would you say to someone thinking about doing the Fit For Freedom 10 week program? If you seriously want freedom, do it! What are 3 words or phrases you’d use to describe the Fit For Freedom program? Convenient Challenging Fun!
    Charlotte Carpenter Charlotte Carpenter
  • Michelle was a star on the Fit For Freedom 10 week program and here is what she thought.

    My biggest breakthrough from doing the Fit For Freedom 10 week program with Tania was that I've actually stuck to the programme and I have realised that I don't need to go to the gym for hours and hours to feel good about myself and gain strength and fitness.

    What I loved most about the program was the fact that I can do the programme at home and when it's convenient and if I have to stop and do something else, I can come back to it.

    If you’re thinking about doing the programme you definitely should!  I feel so much better about myself - my clothes fit better, I feel stronger.  You don't have to have a fancy gym or equipment, just determination!  The positive emails and check-ins from Tania really kept me on track.

    How would I describe the program? Positive, Realistic, Results

    Michelle Burton Michelle Burton


Before we get started.

As soon as your join up, you will get access to the membership site. You can have a look around and make use of the resources to get prepared. The program starts the first Monday after you join.


Each week there are 3 different workouts for you to do. You choose when you fit them in to your schedule. The workouts cater for various levels of ability and options are always given. Workouts are time effective, will help you create stronger muscles, become fitter and change your body shape. You'll be amazed at how you progress through the programs!


I love learning about fitness and wellness! And as your trainer, my job is to educate you topics that can enhance your well-being and your journey. But I know some of you may not have that same passion 😉 So I educate myself and I share with you in a straight to the point, human friendly way so you can apply it your lifestyle. Each week you will have access to various topics such as how to become fat adapt to how hormones can effect your progress.


You'll have access to all my go to resources such Apps you can download, websites, books, gurus in the health and fitness industry. Its hard enough with so much information available to us so I do the hard yards and sort out the crap so you can get straight in to the good stuff!

Do I get a meal plan?

No.  This program is about teaching you how to manage your own nutrition.  We will give you guidelines and will teach you how to focus on the right nutrition.  Simply giving you meal plans to follow will not help you to learn.  In our experience the most successful women are the ones who take a vested interest in learning about their body and the best foods for it.

This program is NOT about calorie counting, restricting calories or counting macros. Nutritional advice/ guidelines and resources are given but for individual tailored plans you should work with a Nutritionist or Dietitian.


This is no quick fix bikini bootcamp. So if your looking for any of the following this might not be your thing...

  • Quick Fix
  • Detox
  • Getting super skinny
  • Counting calories
  • Working out for hours on end
  • Being told what to eat and when

Thats cool if that's your thing, I just wanted to clear that up before we went any further.


This program will work well for you if you are a woman who is sassy enough to know that quick fixes don't work for you. If you have been a round the 'diet and fads" block a few times over the years.

This program will work for you if:

  • You are ready to take action daily.
  • You are ready to try workouts that will leave you strong, fit, energised and change your body shape
  • You are ready to challenge yourself
  • You are ready to be kind to yourself
  • You are prepared to get back on track if you day doesn't go to plan
  • You are ready to shift your way of thinking towards nutrition and exercise
  • You are ready to be educated and make long term benefits to your life

The exercise programs are designed for:

  • Woman who may not have exercised in a while (we could be talking months/ years!)
  • Woman who have been training recently but need a challenge and to change things up.
  • Woman who want to work out at home in their own time.
  • Woman who don't have access to fancy equipment**
  • Woman who have a gym membership but want to do more than use the cardio machines.
  • Woman who travel for work but want to still be able to follow a program.

The exercise programs are designed to be time efficient, use minimal equipment, are effective in using all muscle groups, to tone muscles and get your body using body fat as an energy source and to progress as you do,


** Some of the exercise in this program use a resistance band with handles - these can be sourced from most places that sell exercise equipment. Included in the program is places you can source these from.


Over the 10 weeks we will CONSISTENTLY work towards Improving your health, your body, your confidence and your LIFE!



10 Weekly Payments

Just $26 


One Off Investment

Just $247