Personal Training is ....all about you! If you are wanting to loose weight, get fit, tone up etc then as a Personal Trainer I can help you. I specialize in working with woman who want to be the fittest, healthiest, best version of them selves. I do this through exercise with nutrition advice and a bit of lifestyle and mind set coaching along the way.

About 90% of the woman I have trained over the years started because they wanted to loose weight, get fit or tone up. But once they started they achieved a whole lot more than that. From being able to wear shorts, or sleeveless tops. To having confidence to be themselves on the beach. Going on adventures like cycle trails and tramping. Entering events such ocean swims and 10 km runs. To everyday improvements such as getting through the day with energy, decreases the stress in their lives, to being able to do fun things with the kids. Sometimes it can sound cliche' but so many areas of you life improve when you take care of your self through exercise and fueling your body well.

There is no quick fix or magic bullet when it comes to loosing weight and improving your life and confidence. It comes with effort, consistency and believing in yourself.  When we work together we'll do the working out, but the support, accountability and all the bits of the puzzle will be discovered to get you to where you want to be.

I offer my personal training services from my home based gym in Hatfields Beach, Orewa, Auckland. The bonus of this is there is no extra fees to pay on top of your personal training services for a gym membership! If your are self conscious and have been put off exercising in a gym environment then you don't need to worry about this here. Below are the services I offer.

I am currently re-structuring the training packages I offer, If you are wanting to find out more, please send me an email at to be kept updated.